Active Weight Loss Plan Havant

We’ve always known that the best solution for weight loss and toning is a complete approach. You need exercise to boost your metabolism, a diet that starves fat and feeds muscle, and the encouragement and support necessary to stay on track. That’s why we have developed The Active Weight Loss Plan to include 3 very important elements that will work together to get you the results you want;-

• The Active Weight Loss Plan is simple to follow and will help change the way you think about food forever.
• A 30 minute circuit which includes both cardio exercise and strength training, so you can work every major muscle group and burn up to 500 calories. Raising your metabolism to speed weight loss and toning.
• Ongoing support and encouragement from our Active4ladies team and other members.

Best of all, the whole plan is available at one very low monthly price*... a lot less than you’d pay for many diet programmes alone.

* Monthly price does not include any supplements needed.

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Active Ladies Weight Loss Plan – Devised by a Registered Nutritionist & Dietician

"There are no short cuts when it comes to losing weight and improving one’s health and vitality. What is required is self-belief, real determination and a desire to want to lose weight and keep it off for good.  What is also required is a fitness and weight loss strategy that contains no gimmicks or secrets, just a tangible and easy to follow structure that will get the results you desire with no complications or ‘fad’ diet elements. 

This is why we have created The Active Weight Loss Plan” here at active4ladies in Havant, in conjunction with a registered nutritionist and dietician. It is a no nonsense diet and fitness regime that contains the fundamentals required to lose the weight you want and importantly keep it off for good.  We do not believe in fad diets or having to follow protocols that can affect day to day life and routines.  We believe in combining regular exercise with a balanced and varied diet, one that allows you the freedom to change different elements to suit you and your lifestyle and commitments.

We also believe in the importance of building up an education and understanding towards not only diet but how lifestyle choices and daily lives can impact on your weight loss efforts and health as a whole. The Active Weight Loss Plan” is designed to educate you and provide you with the information you require to embrace a new healthier and more active lifestyle."

1) Appearance - Improved appearance from losing weight

This of course is a huge reason why many endeavour on a weight loss programme. The way we look has a massive impact on how we view ourselves and how we believe others view us. Embarking on the active weight loss plan will improve your physical appearance and change your outlook on life.

2) Self Esteem - Increased self-esteem and emotion from looking better on the outside and being healthier on the inside

This is a massive factor relating to the reasons why people chose to begin on their weight loss journey. Many can feel down and upset about how they look to others, and many become concerned about their health as a result of being overweight.  Losing weight and embracing a healthier lifestyle can change the way you think about yourself and boost your self-esteem and confidence.

3) Improved Health - Improved health on the inside as a result of losing weight and toning up, including improvement of existing conditions

Excess weight can lead to self-inflicted illness and disease that is as a result from a poor nutritional intake, diet and lifestyle choices. What’s important to remember is that these are preventable and in many cases reversible from a healthier intake and lifestyle and from reducing excess body weight.

4) Increased Fitness -Increase of cardiovascular fitness and stamina as a result of losing weight and having a healthier lifestyle

Along with looking good and feeling better mentally about ourselves it is also beneficial to increase our fitness levels and in turn improve our overall health, vitality and wellbeing. This can be achieved from the active weight loss group and embracing a new healthier lifestyle.

5) Illness Resistance & Injury Prevention - Prevention is better than cure and you can decrease the likelihood of illness and disease from losing weight and having the correct lifestyle choices

No one likes being unwell or injured. Having a healthier intake and active lifestyle will seriously improve your resistance to illness and also strengthen the body both inside and out to improve injury resistance and strengthen our bodies defences.

6) Nutrition Knowledge - Build up knowledge regarding nutrition, diet and your own personal intake

With the active weight loss plan there is an opportunity to not only change your nutritional intake but also build up knowledge and an understanding towards your diet meaning not only do you know you are having the correct intake but also know why it is benefiting you and changing your life.

7) Confidence Towards Intake - Increase your approach and confidence towards your food choices and diet as a whole

With building up a knowledge towards your diet and lifestyle comes increased confidence and enthusiasm meaning you can make the correct choices in regards to both diet and lifestyle.

8) Working As A Group  - Work as a group and motivating one another towards achieving your weight loss goals

Weight loss can seem daunting and difficult, however with the active weight loss plan you can work together as a group to help each other and increase motivation, enthusiasm, determination and drive towards your weight loss goals. You can all share your weight loss journeys together.